Terms of Service / Privacy Policy / Refund Policy  About the website WELCOME to Watch TV Here. Watch TV Here website (The Website) is a subscription service that supplies to the members access to watching services for fee of a various TV channels, movies, TV-Shows, and various other entertainment programs, via different streaming technologies on the internet, to various electronic devices such as: Smart TV’s with internet access, Computers and Laptops, Smart-phones, Tablets, converters, and other devices with internet access (The service). The service is provided by Watch TV Here LTD. a British Virgin Islands Limited company. These Terms of Use govern members use of the service. About the service 1.All the services and/or the content supplied and viewed through via

Watch TV Here services, is for private use and non-commercial use only and is not allowed for public use whatsoever in any way. 2. By creating the user account by the user, whether premium account or free account, whether during the free trial period, Watch TV Here grants the user limited and non-exclusive or non-transferable license and right, to enter the Watch TV Here services and to watch TV programs, movies, TV Shows through the service by streaming the data only. Other than the limited license mentioned above, no right, title, or interest shall be given to the user. 

3.Watch TV Here automatically record the programs during last 14 days.4.The user authorized to watch the TV programs, TV shows, Movie

Channels, or other data supplied, only in the geographic locations in which Watch TV Here offers the services. 5. The available content data, may vary according to user geographic location, Watch TV Here authorized to use any technological method and/or any other method in order to assure users locations. 6. Viewing the content is possible through one device only. For example: In case the user watching the content via computer, watching the content at the same time via another device will not be possible. In the future, it will be

possible for more than one user to view the content from the same IP Address. 7. In any case that the user connects the service through more than one device, the broadcasting will stop in the device the user was watching before (first in – first out). 8. The number of the devices available to use for streaming at the same time may vary from time to time, according to Watch TV Here full judgment and discretion. 9. The service includes Video Library, that updates from time to time. Watch TV Here cares about keeping the high quality of customer service, including proper maintenance of the website, costumer interface, promotion, data availability and its supply, etc. 10. Thus, Watch TV Here authorized and keeps for itself the full rights to add the user to such tests without primer notice, and by using the services and accepting those terms, the user hereby gives his consent to participate in those tests or exclude form them. Also, Watch TV Here authorized and keeps for itself the full rights, according to Watch TV Here full, defiant and exclusive judgment, to make any kind of changes from time to time and without primer notice, in the way of 

activation and operation the service and/or termination. 11. By using the services and accepting those terms, the user hereby declares and gives in advance, his full consent to use the service, including all the applications followed and connected to the service, according to any law or regulation, limits performance or other restrictions applies to the service, on the use of the service or on the content provided. 12. Also, the user declares and gives in advance, his full consent, explicitly or Implicitly, and hereby commits, not to do any action, including not download, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license, create derivative works from, offer for sale, or any use of the information and content obtained through the service without prior written consent from Watch TV Here. 13. In addition, the user hereby agrees and gives his full consent not to bypass, remove, modify, cancel, degrade or impede any content protection; also not to use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means and devices to access the service; also not to decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any software or other products or processes accessible through the service; also not to enter code product or manipulate the content of the service in any way, or use any data mining, data gathering or extraction method. In addition, the user hereby agrees not to upload, post, any message, email or otherwise send or transmit any material designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or hardware or

telecommunication equipment associated with service provided, including viruses or software code of another computer, various files or programs. Any breach of those terms will terminate users account without prior notice without any return of the fee or part of it, and the user will be charged personally on any damage caused by breaching those terms and any other term mentioned. 14. Watch TV Here may change from time to time and from country to country, the availability to watch movies, series, TV programs and / or other content. You are aware of the possibility that the display quality of streaming movies and TV shows can vary from computer to computer, and from device to device, and may be affected by a variety of factors that is not related to Watch TV Here, including geographic location, bandwidth available and / or users Internet connection speed. 15. The users are solely responsible for all Internet access charges. Please check with your Internet service provider for information about the internet usage charges data. 16. Watch TV Here does not give or guarantee in any time and in any way does not responsible for the quality of users viewing experience and / or transmission quality and / or screening quality, and / or charging time required to watch a movie or TV show or any other content that might / may vary based on several factors that not related to Watch TV Here, including, users 

location, the available bandwidth at that specific time, the movie or TV show chosen by the user, the type of device chosen by the user or any other factor, and the user will have no claim and / or demand against Watch TV Here regarding this matter. 17. The streaming software designed to allow streaming of content via mechanical transmission devices. This software may vary depending on the type of device and its capabilities. By accepting these terms, the user hereby declares that he acknowledges and agrees to the User License Agreement and accepts, without notice, to receive updated versions of the software. 18. Watch TV Here does not guarantee nor takes in any time and in any case, the responsibility for the performance of these devices, including the compatibility of the device with the service provided. 19. The service blocks users who access the site from a hosting service, VPN or similar to it. A user who paid and logged in the service through such server or service will be blocked permanently with no refund. 20. The service is available for private or public costumers. Watch TV Here may at its full discretion decide to disconnect specific geographical area from receiving the services in case Watch TV Here comes to conclusion that it is against its service supply policy. 

Age Restriction 21. In order to create an account become a member of Watch TV Here and use the services provided on the website, the user must be 18 years of age at least, or the age of majority in the users province, territory. 22. If the user is a minor under 18 years of age or minor, the user may only use Watch TV Here services, under the supervision of and adult, a parent or legal guardian, under their account and according to these terms and conditions, and/or according the relevant State laws and Regulations. Premium packages payment and cancellation terms 23. At this moment, Watch TV Here provides one (1) premium package that includes more than 75 channels of broadcast / film / series/ TV-Shows, TV channels and other content. Watch TV Here constantly works to supply additional packages and channels in the future. 24. Watch TV Here may offer additional packages under various conditions, including special promotional packages and / or packages under various conditions and limitations. 25. In any case that the particular channel package will contain significantly different terms than the term described in the terms of use, these different conditions will be highlighted to the user upon registration or via other 

means of contact available. 

26. All the Details regarding the subscription and the packages can be find on the Watch TV Here website. 27. By agreeing and accepting these terms of use the user hereby agrees that several of subscriptions are offered by third party companies to promote their products and services. Watch TV Here is not responsible for the products and services provided by third parties, and reserves the right to modify, cancel, these subscription packages. 28. Watch TV Here provides for new registrants limited free trial period package that lasts 3 days (“Trial”) all in accordance with terms mentioned at the time of registration, and/or as follows: 29. The free trial package cannot be combined with any other proposal or with any other package. This free trial package may also apply to some of the websites old timer customers subject to the decision and discretion of Watch TV Here, which reserves the right to determine the eligibility for free trial to its users. 30. At the end of the free trial period, Watch TV Here user may not send any message and / or alert regarding end of the trial period, and the responsibility to follow the free trial period is on the user. 

31. However, at the end of the free trial, Watch TV Here does not charge a fee to continue the service, and whether the user will be interested in continuing to consume the services provided, the user will be required to purchase the service on its own initiative. 32. The user can purchase the viewing packages listed on the website, only by credit cards of the credit companies listed on the website, for the period chosen by the user. Offered Packages 33. At this point, Watch TV Here, supplies channel package that includes more than 400 channels for a cost of $75.00, for a period of 3 months. 34. Watch TV Here may end the discounted Program mentioned above, at any time without prior notice. 35. The maximum period of the package is for six (6) months.36. The minimum period of packages is for one (1) month.37. Each extension of package requires additional payment by the user.

Billing 38. Watch TV Here will not make automatic monthly charge and / or automatic periodic billing of subscription fees. Every time the subscription the user purchased ends, the user will be asked to, enter the relevant page of the website to authenticate the subscribers personal information and then to purchase a new package or extend the existing one. 39. Watch TV Here reserves the right to change from time to time the prices of services and packages according to its absolute full judgment and discretion all in accordance with and subject to these terms of use. The announcement regarding the changes in prices/fees of services and packages will be sent to users after the changes come into force through the e-mail address will be provided by the user. Billing Policy 40. The charges for the use are in accordance with the package acquired by the user, and apply from the date of purchase of the package for the package that has been purchased. All extensions and/or renewals of the package or other package purchase, is at the discretion of the user and shall be made by his initiation, and won’t be charged automatically for renewing the package subscription. 41. Watch TV Here does not and will not provide any refund and/ or credit or any

part of it even if the refund requested by the user due to issues of quality of broadcasting and or viewing and /or viewing experience and/or any other reason claimed by the user and/or due to any other reason the refund has been claimed by the user. 42. In addition, Watch TV Here do not provide refund or credit or any part of it, for any partial-month membership periods or partial-month using periods, after the user canceled his membership or his membership terminated due to his breach of these terms of use. 43. After cancelling the membership by the user, the user will continue to have access to the Watch TV Here services through the end of the users monthly billing period or in accordance to the change of the package made by the user. At any time and due to any reason, Watch TV Here may (but not commits) provide some any other benefit to its members by allowing the member to freeze the membership for an unlimited period, and this benefit only. However, Watch TV Here wont refund or credit the user through credit cards of the user or money back in any way, except according to conditions mentioned in clause number 41. The amount and form of freezing the membership benefit and the decision to grant the users such benefit, are sole and absolute discretion of Watch TV Here. Providing credits in specific case does not necessarily grant the user credits in future in similar cases or others. 

Payment Methods 44. The user must pay for the services and packages, only through the website and only by payment forms available on the website. Right after completion of insertion to the website, if one of the payment methods was not successful, due to expiration, or due to lack of adequate funding for the purchase of the package selected, or due to any other reason, the user can try to contact Watch TV Here through the website in several ways depending on the options available on the site at the time, including by contacting the costumer support. 45. Every payment will be made by paying on the website with a credit card. Billing is by prepaid payment for the package chosen by the user, which he may change according to his needs, and subject to the provisions of these terms of use and the return payment policy as above mentioned. 46. Its highly important to mention that Watch TV Here does not retain credit information / means of payment of the users. Unsubscribing from the service 47. The user may unsubscribe at any time without harm the right to use and watch for the remaining subscription period purchased by him. After

giving the cancellation notice, the user will continue to have access to services and content provided on the website until the ending date of the package purchased. Credits will not be provided and / or any refunds for the remaining period after the cancellation notice gave by the user. Suspending the subscription 48. The user may, at any time, freeze and suspend the subscription package purchased for unlimited period of time and unfreeze the service again by notice. Acceptance of Terms 49. In order to use the services provided on the website the user must agree first to the terms of use, including the terms/ conditions of the website’s privacy policy. If you do not accept these terms, please do not make any use of the site services. Changes to the price or terms 50. Watch TV Here allowed and reserves to itself the right to add and / or change, from time to time, the pricing of the service and / or the terms of service and use of the website, including the privacy policy, which will take 

effect immediately, except for existing members. Changes to existing members will take effect 30 days from the date of publication. 

51. Watch TV Here allowed to publish former terms of use versions.52. In any case of change and / or addition of term, Watch TV Here will update the terms of use according to the change and q or addition. The updated version of terms of use will be available on the website. 53. The use of the website services and / or continuation of use after the date on which the terms have updated will be interpreted as receiving updated terms by the user. Privacy Policy 54. Watch TV Here receives and stores data, including personal information/data about the user and his use patterns of the services provided on the website, at the time of inserting the information on the website by the user and his interactions with the services consumed by him. 55. The term “personal information/data” means: any kind of information that can be used to identify the user and /or edge user individually or to contact them personally. 56. Information / data that is not personal is any information that did not

allows personal contact with the user. 57. During coming in a contact with Watch TV Here, the user may be asked to provide personal information so that Watch TV Here can provide, improve and personalize the offered services and marketing efforts. For these needs, Watch TV Here may complete the personal information the user provides from available public information about the user, as well as from other sources, subject to any law or regulation. 58. The use of personal information is intended and needed for various purposes, such as the registration process, orders and payments and in order to communicate with the user on issues mentioned above and / or on other different issues, including the use of e-mail address or personal information and other identification information provided by the user in order to send brochures, notices of features, news, promotions, updating the website’s service pricing, promotional and marketing activity, surveys regarding the service, and other correspondence between Watch TV Here and the users regarding the services. 59. Also, by using the website, the user may be asked are to write and post reviews regarding the service and / or any other information in public forums. Be aware that when you post such information, this information may be turn public, and therefore not be subject to this Privacy Policy. Watch TV Here shall not be liable at any time and in any way for any use by third party in information the user provides to public in general and through the 

website services. 60. Watch TV Here reserves the right to give access or disclose personal information if according to Watch TV Here opinion that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to obey to any law, regulation, legal process or request from law enforcement agencies from any State or Government, and / or to enforce the Terms of use, including investigation of potential violations thereof and / or to detect, prevent, or handle in any way illegal activities or suspected as illegal activities, and / or security or technical issues, and / or to protect against violation of rights, property or safety of Watch TV Here and Watch TV Here’s members or the public, all subject to any law or regulation. 61. Watch TV Here may and allowed to transfer any kind of information, including personal information, in case of merger with another company and / or in case of reorganization, and / or sale to third parties, and / or in case of transfer of assets, subject to that the receiving party undertakes and agrees to respect the users rights and users personal information all in accordance with the privacy policy terms stated above. User account, access and passwords 62. To enjoy the access to various services and viewing content provided on the website, the user must create a user account, in which the user will 

be asked to provide true and correct identifying information about him. 

63. As a user, you are solely responsible for all activity that occurs on your account. 64. Member that created an account and paid for a subscription package will be defined as a user account owner. Nevertheless, all the terms of use apply at any time to anyone who consumes the Watch TV Here services whether fee trial users or account owners who paid for subscription package. 65. The account owner will have the option to control the account. The control on the account performed by using a personal password which is not transferable to any third party. The complete responsibility for updating, maintaining, and the correctness information the user provides to Watch TV Here is on the user. 66. In any case that the user/account owner shares the access password to the account or allowed other household members signing in, the used/ account owner hereby agrees and commits that the households members will act by these terms of use, and the user/account owner shall be responsible for the actions of his household members and all damages that might be cause due to such allowance, as well as in case of allowance of such access to a third party. 

Costumer Support 67. In any matter regarding your account and use the services, you are welcome to enter an FAQ page at the site at any time, where you may get an answer on most questions and common problems or solutions. 68. In addition, to assist the users, Watch TV Here supplies to the users, service representatives 24 hours a day throughout the week, the user may contact them through the chat box supplied on the website especially for this purpose. Through service representative assistants the user can get, answers to technical, financial, and other questions in regarding the service and his use and activity on the website. In order to turn to the service representatives for assistance the user will be asked for his personal information. Arbitration Clause 68. The user hereby agrees that any dispute/disagreement, claim or controversy with the use and / or terms of use and / or service provided through the website, and / or any dispute arising between the user and Watch TV Here, including with respect to this arbitration clause (“The Dispute”), will be clarified and sentenced at the arbitration institute in the State that will owe the jurisdiction on the matter, respectively to the specific dispute arise between the parties. 69. By agreeing to these terms, the user hereby agrees that on the dispute

between the parties will be the Arbitration Law of the State the jurisdiction, including the interpretation and enforcement of this arbitration clause, and that the parties waive reciprocally their right to sue in court of law, including a class action or any other action in the court of law, subject to any law or regulation. 70. Any appeal to the arbitration institute by either of the parties, Watch TV Here end users account and membership and the user will not be able to continue to use the services provided on the site. Governing Law 71. These terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the British Virgin Islands. Warranties and Limitations on Liability 72. Watch TV Here services and any content and/or any software or function and/or application connected to the service, or their availability, or their supply is provided “AS IS” and without any kind of warranty or liability. Our service may not be uninterrupted or error-free. You waive all special and consequential damages against Watch TV Here, and any direct damages. 73. Watch TV Here does not guarantee in any way at any time, explicitly and / or implicitly, that the use of the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and / or 

virus free, and / or breaks, and / or continuous transmission and / or screening, and explicitly does not take any responsibility on none of the applications and software, including any features of their compliance’s. 74. Watch TV Here (or its affiliates or connected companies), or any of its shareholders, directors, officers, employees or their licencors shall not be responsible at any time, together and / or separately towards the user for any personal injury or any special damage including financial, incidental, direct or indirect or circumstantial or consequential damage or any damage or lose of any kind including damages that certain state law or regulation does not allow its limitation. 75. These terms of use will not limit any non-waivable warranties or consumer protection rights that you may be entitled to under the laws of your country of residence. 76. All the website members and users, whether free trial user or premium account owner , are not allowed at any time, to copy, sell, exchange, reproduce, screen in public the content transmitted and / or every part of it, including the recorded content, and / or screen and / or view the content in order to create a personal financial profit and / or any other profit. The use of the services and content provided is for domestic and private use only and absolutely prohibited any commercial use. 78. In any case the Watch TV Here might be sued by any third party due to

breach of the terms of use by the user, including as a result of a breach of all prohibitions mentioned above, the user will be personally responsible and hereby agrees to compensate Watch TV Here for all the damages as a result. 79. Watch TV Here is a only a streaming media service over the Internet. Each user, once registering online and creating a user account or free trial membership, hereby declares that he owns a subscription or allowance to watch the content in any country that broadcasts the content in origin, and or allowance to watch the channels and content provided him in Watch TV Here’s package. 80. Payment to Watch TV Here only, does not grants the user a permit in any way viewing the content and broadcasts if the user do not have such subscription. Subject to any law or regulation, if Watch TV Here will be required to provide information about its users, then the information will be transferred in accordance with the decision of the court of law. 81. If the user has violated and breached the above-mentioned prohibitions and / or any term of these terms of use, it shall be considered as fundamental breach of the term of use and will cancel the membership of the user immediately without any refund of any kind. 

82. Furthermore, Watch TV Here may terminate without prior notice the membership of the user, without refund of any kind, in any case that it will turn out that the user provided not correct or not true detail and / or false statement of any king and / or breach of any term of these terms of use. Consent to receive updates and information 83. The user hereby agrees and grants his consent to receive from Watch TV Here, account notifications, agreements, notices, payment confirmations, updates of packages and any promotion notices, alerts, and / or any other marketing information in relation to the service, including through e-mail messages to the address inserted by the user during the creation of the account. This consent for such notices, is part of these terms of use contract Watch TV Here. WE HOPE YOU’LL ENJOY OUR WEBSITE!